BONAR provides one-stop single-source services for ALL facets of design, engineering and construction projects. Since 1975, BONAR’s qualified team of experts has managed and constructed thousands of design/build projects in 36 states and eight countries.

Expertise. Stability. Peace of mind.

The choice is simple.



For the construction process to work efficiently, a reliable, authoritative and experienced team is mandatory. With a team of contractors and engineers working together under one roof, BONAR provides superior project management and single-source responsibility. This comprehensive in-house team offers a seamless and efficient design/build experience, saving you both time and money.

Engineering & Design

BONAR’s staff of expert engineers is licensed throughout the United States. Our engineers design each plan to the exacting needs of each project. With patents in the refrigeration industry, BONAR was the first company to design and install a thermosyphon oil cooling system for screw compressors in the United States. BONAR continues to stay on the leading edge of refrigeration and its needs such as blast freezing and air lock freezer doors.


Whether you need a complete refrigeration system or a rebuild of existing equipment, BONAR provides the expertise, experience and service that you need. Known throughout the industry as experts in refrigeration and low temperature design, BONAR provides refrigeration contracting, 24-hour refrigeration service, parts and equipment, computer control systems and Process Safety Management.


If your project calls for a reflective, energy-efficient and cool roof, BONAR should be your first call. Our experts install Thermoplastic polyolefin roofing (TPO), a proven, durable, single membrane roof vapor barrier for refrigerated and industrial buildings.

Panels & Insulation

Installation of insulated panels is a long suit of BONAR. Knowing how to provide wall/roof juncture borders is an art perfected from years of experience. Peace of mind is knowing this is done correctly.

Parts & Equipment

BONAR provides a comprehensive array of services in the perishable food industry. The Parts and Equipment Department serves clients throughout the United States and Latin America. On call 24 hours a day, BONAR can provide you with the equipment you need from any manufacturer and the service you need when you need it.

Process Safety Management (PSM)

The implementation of government compliance is an involved and tedious process. That’s why when OSHA came out with their Process Safety Management (PSM) requirements, BONAR was quick to get up to speed on the details of compliance. Whether you need a complete compliance program or an audit of an existing program, BONAR can provide you with the expertise that you need.